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Natural Horse Vet
Natural Horse Vet

We offer natural products for horses and other animals from our affiliate partner Dr. Dan Moore, a practicing holistic veterinarian, known as the  Natural Horse Vet,  Natural Pet Vet or simply Dr. Dan  by most has been featured on several media outlets and national publications as well as horse shows throughout the country promoting animal wellness.  As founder of the Natural Vet Companies, Dr. Dan has formulated dozens of products for horses, pets and people with the personal mission to create natural alternatives that really work- and work for all!

Stem Tech

For our health and to promote the benefit to others, we have affiliated ourselves with products such as StemEnhance which boosts embryonic stem cells, enhancing the body's natural process for renewal of tissues and organs.  By increasing the number of stem cells circulating within the body stem cells reach various organs and become cells of that organ, helping such organs regain and maintain optimal health. Studies suggest that higher numbers of circulating stem cells are a key factor for the greater ability of the body healing itself.

PNW SelectPNW Select
Charity Rope Halter

Does your truck sport a yellow “support the troops” sticker? Have you ever worn a pink ribbon to show your support for breast cancer awareness and research? PNW Select, a woman-owned and domestic performance rope company, has taken the concept of visual cause support and transitioned it into the equine industry by creating the PNW Select Charity Rope Halter™ a charity program that would allow horsemen across the nation to show their support of their favorite cause through colored halters…there are 13 solid color Charity Rope Halters that will support 13 corresponding charity organizations.

Each halter is professionally hand tied and manufactured in the U.S. from high quality solution dyed polyester Select-HC halter cord. The polyester fiber creates a UV resistant, rot resistant, low stretch, and an incredibly durable-long-lasting halter. “On top of it all, we're extending a colorful opportunity to automatically support one of 13 charities of their choice through their halter purchase”
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Purina Mills

Purina Mills, LLC

A healthy horse is a healthy competitor, and good health starts with good nutrition. Years of research and decades of industry knowledge are packed into each and every bag of Purina feed. Connection Equestrian Center is proud to feed Ultium and Strategy to their horses. Purina offers a full line of balanced feeds for horses at every stage of life and level of fitness.


Stübben products are truly Old World Craftsmanship.  Most widely recognized for saddlery with a great reputation the business was established in 1894 by the family, and still offering a large range of excellent quality saddles, bridlework and accessories popular world wide. Their saddles are renowned for their range of styles, sizes, fittings, leathers, and products manufactured in 3 countries being distributed in nearly fifty countries worldwide with new models introduced each year.  Stübben uses only full grain, vegetable tanned aniline dyed leathers in the handcrafting of their saddles.  Quality, long life, and exceptional craftsmanship are the standards for any Stübben product. Various parts of a Stübben saddle are still handstitched, such as the seat, the panel, and the billets. More than one hundred individual steps are necessary in the manufacture of a Stübben saddle. The saddler must first cut, bevel, sew, inlay, seam, quilt and pummel his leather. Artistry is always realized by the craftsman. The work always carries the signature of the maker and is therefore unique.

Rodeo Rigs

Rodeo Rigs offers a verity of new Elite trailers and a diverse selection of previously owned brands.  For hauling they offer trucks and if you don't see what you are looking for in their inventory, they have an extensive network of dealers from new to used, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Freightliner, Pete, Volvo, etc.   They also stock new Jinma tractors for your working needs.


Priefert Manufacturing

Priefert manufactures quality ranch and horse equipment. Michael uses a Priefert round pen for starting all young horses because of their incredible safety standards. The pens are easy to assemble and take apart.

Priefert's equipment is well constructed and made from only quality materials. Their products are durable, eye-catching, and get the job done.

Shortys & Mike
Shorty's Caboy Hattery

When you want to top off your outfit with a classic cowboy hat, there's no better place to go than Shorty's Caboy Hattery. Michael is proud to wear a Shorty's hat whenever possible!

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