Michael RichardsonSpeaker
Motivational  and Inspirational:

Michael is an experienced public speaker.  He has addressed audiences of dozens of attendees, to hundreds, to thousands. 

You can have Michael speak at your event, either with a horse or without.

The prices are:
    ○ 1-hour speaking without a horse, $3000, plus travel related expenses.
    ○ 1-hour speaking with a horse, $4000, plus travel related expenses. 
       Appropriate facilities and conditions are required. 

Making a Positive Connection:
Drawing on Michael's life experiences and challenges the basis of Michael’s message and philosophy lies in his belief that life’s challenges do not define or limit us.   Circumstances cause us to react in a positive or negative manner.  Michael’s basic theory is that a positive mental attitude not only enables us to overcome obstacles in life, but also makes us stronger, and more productive in all our endeavors.

A positive attitude will not only create a successful life but will also allow us to be more creative in our thinking and in our ability to work through life’s setbacks.
Problems become challenges, an opportunity to not only overcome, but to succeed with a more confident result.
When you first see Michael Richardson, it’s difficult to believe that this man in a cowboy hat and wheelchair not only rides horses, but trains able bodied people to have a better understanding and more meaningful relationship with the horse.  He does this throughout the United States with clinics, demonstrations, lessons, motivational workshops, radio, videos, and speaking engagements.

Communication From a Different Perspective:
The audience, like the horse, will dictate and guide how Michael presents his lecture.  He will focus on his own experiences in life to help demonstrate to the audience  how life can be demandingly tough and full of road blocks.  He then motivates individuals by drawing from his experienced knowledge of the horse/human relationship. 

He will continue to explain what steps he took to work his way past and above his challenges, inspiring them to do the same. They are encouraged when he reveals how his communication skills and attitude can make it possible to fearlessly overcome their own personal barriers.

A good relationship is necessary to build a partnership, a need to communicate effectively is essential.  He instructs people how to open those lines of communication and build trust through good leadership skills.  He shares how using these skills can increase the harmony in their relationships.  Team building concepts are also covered.  Audience participation and questions are encouraged.

The Journey:

Over the years, Michael has earned the respect and admiration of the top horsemen in the world.  In the demanding process of overcoming his physical disabilities with optimistic confidence, he has evolved into a gifted master horseman.

Michael’s life is a testament to his ability to adapt positively to change.  He has embraced the opportunities his perspective on life has provided. 
Through sharing his deep insight and experience, he has empowered people, horse-related or not, to think positively in their lives.  Listeners will learn how to accomplish life’s goals by setting realistic steps to achievement. With his skilled inspirational guidance, they learn to focus and move forward,  leaving behind the impediments and difficulties that had once inhibited them from even trying.

Michael’s experienced knowledge from working with people and horses will enable the audience to reflect on their own situations and learn how they, too, can change their lives and achieve the goals they had only dreamed of.

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