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Charity Halters
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Charity Rope Halter:  $25.00 + Tax &Shipping


Knife Sheaths
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Knife Sheath:  $35.00 + Tax & Shipping

     Note: Knife pictured for reference only and not inclued

Natural Horse Vet
Natural Horse Vet

We offer natural products for horses and other animals from our affiliate partner Dr. Dan Moore, a practicing holistic veterinarian, known as the  Natural Horse Vet,  Natural Pet Vet or simply Dr. Dan  by most has been featured on several media outlets and national publications as well as horse shows throughout the country promoting animal wellness.  As founder of the Natural Vet Companies, Dr. Dan has formulated dozens of products for horses, pets and people with the personal mission to create natural alternatives that really work- and work for all!

Stem Tech

For our health and to promote the benefit to others, we have affiliated ourselves with products such as StemEnhance which boosts embryonic stem cells, enhancing the body's natural process for renewal of tissues and organs.  By increasing the number of stem cells circulating within the body stem cells reach various organs and become cells of that organ, helping such organs regain and maintain optimal health. Studies suggest that higher numbers of circulating stem cells are a key factor for the greater ability of the body healing itself.

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