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Michael RichardsonPromoting an Enlightened Perspective
Michael is an experienced public speaker.  He has addressed audiences of dozens of attendees, to hundreds, to thousands. 

Michael and Tiffany Richardson of Broken R. Ranch use their life experiences and their work with riders and horses to share an enlightenment of inspiration.  Their passion is watching others achieve their dreams and goals, be it within ones self or working with horses.
Michael and Tiffany travel across the country for
speaking engagements, to conducting workshops, demonstrations, and presentations at stables, horse farms, horse expos, equine and other venues, or from their home base in Hico, Texas.
Michael believes that all life circumstances build a stronger character, without limitations. Michael embraces his life, using any challenges to motivate, employ a new approach, envision the possibilities and grow as he “gives back” to the world.   Read his
story to learn more.

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Michael Richardson’s "The Gift of the Horse"

Season premiered Tues, 6 Sept 2011.
(YouTube) Promo for the first episode that aired on RFD-TV on Tuesday Sept 6th
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